Monday, March 3, 2014

Poem: We're none of us very good at saying no

We’re none of us very good at saying no

Just beneath the sandry mocean
the mitochondria play their sweet fiddles
for the seabass
who cannot keep a secret
in their filthy little hearts

There is no trust out there
just barren narratives passing from ship
to ship on the sodium tongues of pirates
scurvy dogs who couldn’t make it in real estate
or car bombings

I am a missive for the great unimportant things so
meet me on the swings before midnight
Close your eyes, lay your sweet
shoulders into my palms and
wait as I take careful aim and
launch you into the fishnets of Scorpius

I will
miss you but
will enjoy
seeing your
smile there
just above

comet white

Forthcoming in Many Mountains Moving
(Boulder, Colorado)
From the collection Great Showtunes of the American Stage  

Photo by MJV

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