Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poem: The Parallel Line Falls in Love

The Parallel Line Falls in Love

Too many days of seeing the
other; matterless points no
closer, no farther

She is a perfect mirror,
echoes his every thought,
his unwavering flight

In first period he begins to
bend, imperceptible minutes
at a time. By noon, he has
pulled up to her shoulder,
gives her a wink. She
responds with an impassive look.

I do not know what you
think you are doing but you
should know this: I have
loved you since the x/y axis,
but now you have corrupted
yourself with arcs and
angles. You are not the
line I once knew.
The line gives her a
pleading look, but it’s
clear that she has
made up her mind.
He sighs and retreats to
his well-worn track,
barreling forward in
ideal space.

Once in a while,
late at night when the
textbook is closed, he
allows himself a perpendicular
glance, imagines his points
aligned with hers in a
single, immortal stride.

From the collection Fields of Satchmo
Photo by MJV

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