Monday, March 31, 2014

Frozen Music Re-Released by Dragonfly Press

Inspired by some unexpected feedback from long-time readers, I decided to rewrite my 1994 choral novel, Frozen Music, a few months ago, for a possible re-release on Amazon Kindle. As you may have noticed, I've been posting the chapters here on Operaville. The folks at Dragonfly Press, an award-winning publisher in California's Gold Country, read a few of the installments and decided that they wanted to publish it, first as a Kindle e-book and later in print form. I'm pleased to announce that the Kindle version went on line today at

Following are the synopses and bio info that you'll find there:

The more Michael Moss refuses to watch his conductor, Amy Fine, the more she becomes determined to make him watch. The ensuing battle of wills - and his curious flare for public soakings - threatens to pull Michael out of the deep freeze, and force him to exorcise Stacy Wilkes, the tempestuous alcoholic who turned his heart to stone. A 20th anniversary edition of the classic novel by the author of Gabriella's Voice and Operaville.

Michael J. Vaughn is the author of six published novels, a thirty-year opera critic, and drummer for the San Francisco rock band Exit Wonderland. As a tenor in San Jose State's concert choir, he performed all of the pieces featured in Frozen Music.

Based in Columbia, California, Dragonfly Press is the publisher of fine poetry, prose, and the award-winning literary journal The Montserrat Review.

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