Monday, July 27, 2015

Song: Hey Lucinda

I made my official songwriting debut with Up a Notch last year, writing the words to "Hey Lucinda" to a song by Vince Wilkins formerly known as Guacamole Jam. It was great fun to match a poet's instincts to the more immediate and rhythmic needs of a singer. Check out the musical version at YouTube.

Hey Lucinda

You're a screamer
You're a rock star chaser
You're a stock car racer
You're a pencil
without an eraser
You're Athena
in a sidewalk fantasia

Hey Lucinda
You drive me crazy
But I love you

I'm a sinner
with a suit of iron
Derby winner
with a white hot fire on
with a hood and a wire on
I'm a runner
on the fourteenth pylon

Hey Lucinda
I'll drive you crazy
But I love you

Come and see me
on the seventh highway
Hot and dreamy
On a Soho skyway
Baby free me
With your slick and your sly ways
Two and three me
and make me your one

Hey Lucinda
We'll drive each other crazy
But I love you


So I'm on the phone with her and she says Well I'm all this and she's all that, and I say, Why the hell do I listen to this crap? and she says, Cause you're my love slave, and I say, Love slave? And she says, Hey, I paid good money for you, bitch. And I say, You got a receipt? And she says, I always get a receipt. And I just start laughin...

Copyright 2014 by Michael J. Vaughn
Photo by Sonia Cuellar

Wednesday, July 1, 2015