Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poem: Postmark

From the book Interplay: Finding the Keys to Creativity 



Salieri tut-tutting Mozart at the
volleyball match and the apartments so
regally named: Duxbury, Cambridge, Wilsonion.

Armed with a ballcap, scouring the
treetops for bald eagles make this special make this
deeper than a looped-over cowpath to the
library the coffeehouse the bookstore the
café the biblioteque the roasting company like a
volleyball match like a bald eagle at a
piano pecking out Figaro, string over
string in a chickenwire weave, mixing up the
streets to cheat the demon backtrack:

Tacoma Yakima Ruston McCarver the
boxcar line the salmon fry the raccoon
wood and the bald eagles hanging in the
air like volleyballs.

I roost at the Windsor regally
named and scour the mailbox for bald eagles.
Salieri was no slouch.

First published in Terrain.org
Photo by MJV (art by Greg Hill)

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