Sunday, June 29, 2014

Poem: Gooroo (Chekhov)

From the book Interplay: Finding the Keys to Creativity 

“Do everything in your power and will to avoid sounding and writing like anyone else.”

--Mike McGee, performance poet

Gooroo (Chekhov)
On the night of my freedom
a Cherokee barnowl spins by
to snatch my breath
a single helium balloon wanders the parking lot
like a security guard
and the soccer field is framed by airline seats

The history of drama is such that
no sane person would dare attempt it

(“In her eyes, she is quiet, like a fish”)

Better to climb the mountains on Lake Michigan
ski slaloms across Death Valley
eat ice cream with no apology

than try to wrap up the human bloodflow
like a fifty-cent candy bar

(“You have created an elaborate romance for yourself”)

Go find your answers in a bookstore
where they are rolling in Hemingway
on a handtruck

But tonight I will toss my every essential
into a hatchback
and just leave

Because leaving is the only response

Photo by MJV

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