Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Popcorn Girl

The Popcorn Girl: A Masterful Psychological Thriller for Atheist Readers
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When the owner of an atheist bookshop falls for the girl who works in the moviehouse across the street, he has no idea what he's getting into. Jasmina is the survivor of a toxically religious upbringing, and has managed to escape only by losing her original identity and, when the pressure gets too much, etching a staircase of cuts into her arm. When Paul discovers a missing person flyer with a picture of a twelve-year-old Jasmina, the psychological fireworks are about the begin. A mind-bending thriller from the author of "Billy Saddle."

"The characters have a depth and charm that really drew me in. There is even a very sweet romance. Interwoven throughout is a thought-provoking exploration of religion and atheism. I've read other books by Michael J. Vaughn; The Popcorn Girl is without doubt my favorite." --Michelle Cahn

"THE POPCORN GIRL is a tremendously complex and bittersweet novel masterfully researched and honed." --CSLowe

#2 on Amazon's literary fiction list!

Michael J. Vaughn: The Greatest Writer You've Never Heard Of

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