Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Highway Song


North we go a-roaming from Wyoming to Montana
All upon a tankful of George Custer's diesel gas
Jesus Christ is savior on the local reservation
But still we eat our snowpeas on the Powder River Pass

Eastward in the gloaming from Wyoming to Mt. Rushmore
All to see the faces in the South Dakota night
Ripping down through Deadwood in the name of Rapid City
to see Abe Lincoln glowing in the cold arena light
to see Abe Lincoln glowing the cold arena light

And Roy Rogers sang the Torah
And Gene Autrey said shalom

We have wandered in the desert

Old man highway take me home

Gave us such a chilling there in Billings, South Montana
fictive flames of Zion just beneath the bookstore glass
Driving back down 90 just as fast as wheels would take us
to see them burning bridges in the deep Wyoming grass

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